Perception is Everything Your brand identity is more important than you think... your logo and typeface is the FIRST impression of your company for potential customers. Stand out from your competition! Get a FREE Quote Today!

Our Team is innovative creative driven and committed to serving our clients to the fullest!

With more than 43 years of combined experience, Millennium Technology has the knowledge and expertise to give your business or organization the brand and website it deserves. You didn't take shortcuts laboring to birth your business, so why not show your customers you mean business by presenting them with professional branding and website design. It's more affordable than you think!

A website is only as good as its design and what it is powered by...

That's why here at MTD, we employ the right software solutions for our clients, whether that is a content management system, e-commerce platform, or a custom-built application... know that you will be covered with Millennium Technology.

Brand Identity is the most important investment you'll make for your business.

Brand Identity is more than just a logo... It is the guide to how your business will be presented to the world. Most people think brand guides are only needed for enterprises... but that is far from the truth. If your goal is to keep your potential clients/members or customers thinking about your product or service, then it all starts with the right logo and typeface.

Organization and order are two of the keys to success in any endeavor...

Millennium Technology's software integration service will help you streamline your business operations so you can focus on what matters most... your mission and serving your clients.

Featured Services

Web Development

We specialize in creating websites that convey our clients' passion to their clients

Logos x Brand Identity

MTD can create an eye-catching logo and brand package for your business (large or small) that will attract customers; giving your organization a professional public face that will show potential customers you mean business. Whether you need a logo for your business, product, non-profit organization, or government entity... MTD can help!

Copywriting Services

A website is more than just pictures and graphics... the content (like what you're reading now) is just as important as the design and function. Without professional content that clearly explains what you can offer, clients will not be prompted contact you or engage with you. Let MTD help you create engaging content for your website that will call your visitors to action!

Content Editing

To keep visitors to your site engaged, you will need more than a few descriptive words on your site. It is not enough to just have professional static content on your site, you also need dynamic content (content that changes often). Content is KING when it comes to driving traffic to your site! MTD offers monthly plans that include industry-specific articles that can be posted to your website and social media to keep your customers/followers engaged with your brand.

Application Development

Millennium Technology can create custom applications to help your business distribute or collect information from employees or clients... whether you need an app to help employees file reports while out in the field, or a place for clients to communicate with your staff... MTD has a solution for you!

E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping is quickly becoming the most common way people shop. Whether you are an influencer that needs to sell "merch" or a business that needs to sell products, MTD can help you set up your storefront.

Printed Marketing Materials

Our team can design and create business cards, signs, brochures, folders, and other branded material for your company, giving you the professional face you need to attract and communicate with your intended audience.

Social Media

MTD also designs social media pages that will keep your brand consistent across multiple platforms. We will even manage the content for you!

and more...

Learn how easy it is to manage your website using the world's friendliest CMS...

Let Millennium help you streamline your organization's operations by introducing you to enterprise-level software at an affordable price. MTD can help your business set up important operational functions such as: cloud storage for storing your sensitive files, business-class email to stay in communication with customers and co-workers, and payment systems for accepting electronic payments.

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To have a website that makes your customers say WOW!, you'll need a space to store it, access it, and secure it... that's where we come in! Let MTD help you navigate the challenging world of SSL Certificates, Hosting, and Domain Names.

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Why Us?

Years of Experience and a Record of Success!

Founded in New Orleans, Millennium Technology started designing websites and logos 14 years ago. In 2010, we added application development and printed materials to our service offerings. We remain committed to doing the best job for every client. At Millennium, our clients are family, not just another client ID number on a spreadsheet...


Millennium Technology has everything
you need to connect your business to the world

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Featured Project

Holy Name Society of New Orleans

Web Development & Domain Management

The New Orleans Archdiocesan Union of the Holy Name Society came to Millennium Technology needing a website that would facilitate communication between them and their members, make the Radio Rosary broadcast available online, provide a public listing of the Rosary Schedule, and receive donations... See how the project turned out...

  • Content Management System
  • Electronic Payments
  • Audio/Visual
Featured Project

Latest News

The Importance of Website Structure

Websites are the cornerstone of any business, so they need to be concise and user-friendly. Website structure is the way your content is organized. This is vital because if a client goes to your website for information and it appears unorganized or cluttered,



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