Cloud Services

The unpredictability of the weather and other world events makes it imperative that businesses and organizations protect their documents and records. The most efficient way to do this is to store your documents in the cloud.

The practice of storing your business's most important documents in a "fireproof" file cabinet is no longer efficient in today's modern workplace. We are now--almost constantly-- under severe weather warnings or pandemic restrictions that make being able to work together in an office challenging to say the least. 

What would your business do if a tornado or flood affected your base of operations tomorrow? Would your business be able to continue to operate without customer information and important documents?

It seems that nowadays everyone is talking about the "cloud"... but most people have no clue what the "cloud" is... The cloud is just a simplified way of describing the practice of storing information on the internet in multiple secure places, rather than just in one place... representing redundancy in our files.

By securely storing your business files, forms, and customer documents in the "cloud" you will be ensuring that you will be able to access your files even if there is an unfortunate natural disaster or other events that prevent you and your staff from working in the office. You will also ensure that you and your employees will be able to access files even if you are required to work remotely or out in the field.

Millennium Technology can help introduce your business or organization to the cloud... explain the benefits of cloud services and train you on how to keep your data safe and out of the hands of greedy hackers.

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