Umbraco Content Mananagement System

One of the world's most powerful Content Management systems... Put to work for your project!

Being in the business of producing powerful websites for the last 13 years we were serious about finding the right content management system to offer our clients. Through our partnership with Umbraco, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients a powerful, user-friendly CMS. Umbraco allows us to deploy our custom-designed sites into the CMS allowing for a fully customizable solution.

The software is so well designed that it can be adapted to accommodate things you could not have thought of during the planning phase of the project. Our company saw this first hand at the beginning of the pandemic when it became a necessity to contact trace, which meant keeping track of who attended public events such as Mass, Meetings, etc...

Umbraco CMS made it easy for us to pivot our client's existing websites to allow for event RSVPs and easy-to-post coronavirus restrictions announcements saving time and money for clients during such a vulnerable time.

Within 1 week our company was able to deploy COVID sections to existing websites that allowed for the posting of important announcements and RSVP links.

Contact us today to learn more about how a Millennium Technology website powered by Umbraco can help you reach new heights for your online presence!